About Us

Our Story

Surat is the hub of Textile industry in manufacturing and trading sector in India but there is lack of using technology to grow the business. Through lots of research we found that right now all are just doing the business but not growing the business.We believe there should be one platform for Textile industry to manage, earn & grow the business.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide ERP platform to all the upcoming and existing weavers in Surat.Since decades there is no change of doing business they all are doing business in the same old traditional way. We the online textile wants to give the new experience of doing business by connecting technology to its business. Which will give the clear picture and vision to the weavers to earn more and grow more

E.g. Automates and streamlines business processes with greater adaptability, Automation of management processes, Respond to market condition quicker, Strategic decision making, Reduce costs, Increase profitability Etc.

About us